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System Developers. AAIS is a team of highly skilled educators who provide quality personalized technical assistance for educational systems so they are poised to become highly functioning 21st century centers of learning for all students.  We partner with clients to communicate high expectations for system outcomes based on desired student achievement and educator growth.

Capacity Builders. AAIS believes that all students can grow and learn when optimal conditions exist and that all educators can improve their teaching and learning practices with high caliber professional development, support and coaching. AAIS clients and consultants draw from research-based practices to build and maximize the capacity of all members of the educational system. We strive to move systems from knowledge, to understanding, to application within an atmosphere of co-creation.  

Sustainability Promoters. AAIS supports building and district staff members to sustain continuous improvement based on multiple sources of data and the use of innovative thinking for problem solving. We support system educators as they create, organize, and archive processes and protocols for current and future use. 




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The American Alliance for Innovative Systems provides a systemic approach to the difficult work of school redesign and renewal.  Founded by experienced educators from diverse backgrounds, AAIS contracts with schools and districts to provide long-term technical assistance that is directly aligned to their improvement goals.  The result is not only a strong relationship between the school and AAIS, but also a consistent alignment between renewal efforts and improvement goals. 

Working closely with leadership teams, AAIS members acknowledge each school’s context in order to design a comprehensive program of professional development, training, monitoring, and evaluation over the long-term.  The AAIS founders have a deep understanding of the complexity of change as change agents themselves in their former districts, and recognize the importance of investing in the resources and training necessary to sustain changes over time.  A focus on developing the system’s collective capacity is the ultimate goal for all members of the AAIS team.

AAIS provides a wide range of technical support for schools and districts across the nation.  Long term technical assistance at the campus and district level has allowed for systems alignment, the building of educator knowledge and skills over time, and the ability for AAIS and districts to partner in measuring the impact of the professional development on initiating, implementing, and sustaining newly implemented system structures and strategies.  Although single training events add value to an organization's overall learning, long term partnering with districts allows AAIS to foster relationships of trust among stakeholders, provide a consistent framework for increasing instructional capacity as well as collaborative planning.



If you would like more information on the work we are doing in these districts, or with our clients in other parts of the country, please contact us here

Horry County Schools (Conway, SC)


Horry County Schools has partnered with AAIS to provide training and support to GenEd/SpEd co-teaching teams K-12 as they implement effective co-teaching aligned with Universal Design for Learning principles.  In addition, AAIS trains and supports a variety of county schools in implementing engaging instructional routines and effective PLC practices based on the TFU instructional planning cycle.

Berkeley County School District (berkeley, sc)


Berkeley County (SC) School District has been implementing grade level and content area teaming with support from AAIS.  BCSD has adopted the Teaching for Understanding Planning Cycle as their instructional design framework.

National Career Academy Coalition (Nashville, TN)


AAIS has been a perennial sponsor of the National Career Academy (NCAC) national conference conducts training with and for NCAC in the areas of developing highly effective teams and designing standards based interdisciplinary units of study.  Several past AAIS clients have gone on to achieve model career academy status.  AAIS played a large part in training teams to develop efficient and effective processes and protocols for interdisciplinary planning and student academic interventions.

Metro Nashville Public Schools (Nashville, TN)


AAIS and Metro Nashville (TN) Public Schools have worked together since 2007 to implement systemwide K-12 professional learning communities and establish a nationally recognized system of career academies.

Dexter Public Schools (Dexter, MO)


In the Dexter, MO public schools, AAIS trains and supports teachers on a core set of instructional strategies that promote cognitive engagement and critical thinking, in alignment with one of the state-authorized teacher evaluation models, the NEE.  In addition, AAIS is collaborating with the district to design a new district instructional coaching model.  AAIS also conducts personalized training for the district’s instructional coaches. Finally, AAIS customized professional learning to address building-specific instructional needs as determined by each building’s administrative team.

Saluda County Schools (Saluda, SC)


AAIS has partnered with Saluda schools to develop and implement a core set of English Learner instructional best practices.  The training and support is differentiated based on the needs of each building.

Grand Island Public Schools (Grand Island, NE)


As Grand Island Senior High (GISH) phases in their career academy model, AAIS is training and supporting teachers to plan and deliver instruction and maximize the use of time in a 90-minute block period.  In addition, AAIS is working with the GISH staff to design standards based interdisciplinary plans (SBIP) to provide relevant, authentic, real-world learning experiences for students.


The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things.
— Jean Piaget


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