Our Vision

The American Alliance for Innovative Systems provides high quality technical assistance for educational systems so they are poised to become highly functioning 21st century centers of learning for all students.


The American Alliance for Innovative Systems will:

  • Draw from research-based best practices.
  • Embed culturally responsive practices in our work.
  • Build and maximize capacity of all members of the educational system.
  • Support the building and development of infrastructures to sustain continuous improvement based on data.
  • Model creative and innovative thinking for problem-solving.


  • All students can grow and learn when optimal conditions exist.
  • All students should have equitable access to high quality education.
  • Parents care deeply about their children’s education.
  • All educators can improve their teaching and learning practices with high caliber professional development, support and coaching.
  • All educators have a moral and ethical responsibility to strive to meet their potential.
  • Educators owe students their best thinking.
  • Educators and students deserve to be challenged and supported.
  • Standards and accountability raise the quality of education for everyone.
  • A learning organization supports both adult and student learning.
  • All decisions are made using multiple sources of data.