November 2016: NCAC

Join AAIS at the National Career Academy Coalition conference in Tampa Florida November 6-9.  Registration is open now!

AAIS Cofounder Robin Shrode and AAIS Consultant Dr. Eric Creeger are scheduled to present at the National Career Academy Coalition Conference in Tampa, Florida the week of November 7, 2016.  The title of their presentation is Standards Based Interdisciplinary Planning and it will introduce participants to the processes and protocols necessary for designing interdisciplinary learning. Participants will simulate the process of looking deeply at content standards through an interdisciplinary lens to discover common concepts and skills.  Participants will then preview how that foundation of like concepts and skills sets the stage for problem and project based learning as well as highly integrated interdisciplinary learning. Participants will leave this session with a basic road map towards full implementation and some tools to structure the interdisciplinary planning process.


November 2015:  NCAC Data Driven Continuous Improvement

  • Responsive Academic Interventions Handout 

October 2015:  MNPS Instructional Coaching Systems

July 2015:  Clay County: Standards Based Interdisciplinary Planning and Highly Effective Teaming

  • SBIP Presentation

December 2014:  Learning Forward Coaching Systems

September 2014:  Grand Prairie, TX PLC Training

September 2014:  Middle School Team Facilitator Training, Nashville

Intervention Templates

  1. Student Academic Profile
  2. Student Improvement Plan
  3. Student Success Contract

February 2014:  MNPS Literacy Revolution at Overton HS

  1. Developing Academic Vocabulary Presentation
  2. SVES Vocabulary Notebook Template
  3. 6 Step Vocabulary Notebook Template
  4. Word Analysis Planner
  5. Collaborative Writing Presentation

Internet Links

  1. Word Parts
  2. Etymology
  3. Longman Dictionary
  4. Academic Word List Highlighter

NCAC 2013:  Phoenix AZ

Building Leadership Capacity to Sustain Systems Reform in MNPS (10/25)

Robin Shrode - AAIS

Kelly Henderson - Executive Director of Instruction for Secondary Schools, Metro Nashville Public Schools


Developing a Culture of Professionalism (10/26)

David Holden - AAIS

Jera Niewoehner - Academy Coach, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Intervention Practices (10/27)

David Holden - AAIS